FREE EXPRESS DELIVERY is your dedicated hub for school shoes ahead of the coming school year. We understand that the schoolboy wants to look cool among his peers, whilst also being comfortable enough to confidently take-on the challenging tasks of the day, from lessons to high-octane playground activities. A well-formed shoe will effectively cushion the contact between your child's foot and the unforgiving ground; at, you will find ergonomically-designed footwear that delivers on the need for shoes that protect children's bones and muscles during a crucial part of theirs growing. Set your child up for great health throughout life by carefully selecting the right pair for them. The brands we stock are revered for their ability to seamlessly navigate the divide between comfort and style. With brands like Skechers, ECCO, and Geox, you are sure to find the ideal shoe before reaching the end of our extensive stock.

For the sporty schoolboy, stock the NITRATE MICROBLAST, a boys leather athletic look shoe that is purpose-built to be robust and durable with a chunky silhouette, and strong materials like the rubber sole. A thick profile also means thick padding, which is seen in the memory foam insole that guarantees a smooth school day for your child's foot. The shoe is topped-off with a touch-fasten to remove the shoe, quickening the transition between the hard-working day and the relaxing evening.  

For a clean-cut, simple shoe for the sophisticated schoolboy, see the Roamers CHARLES boys touch-fasten leather shoes, coming with a high-quality leather upper for breathability and durability. The CHARLES also come with a twin touch-fasten, for easy put-on and -off, and a soft mesh lining for prime cushioning.