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Karl Toosbury, having trained as shoemaker since childhood, knew everything there was to know about producing a great quality pair of shoes.  In 1963 - still in his early 30s - took the brave leap of faith into the unknown and quit his regular shoe-making job to start his own company. Within a year, ECCO was not only born but FLOURISHING; the company already employed over 70 people and was well on its way to success. 

However, Toosbury quickly understood that to truly flourish within an industry as competitive as the shoe industry, the brand needed something exceptional to set itself ahead from the rest. After three long decades of research and development, ECCO's FLUIDFORM Technology was introduced and remains one of the main attributes of their world-renowned brand identity.

The innovative technology allows for shock-absorbent material to be introduced to the core of the shoe's construction meaning the entire shoes works to create the most balanced and cushioned shoe available on the market. 

ECCO are one of the very few brands that operate their own production facilities, meaning they have complete autonomy over how their shoes are made ensuring they are as environmentally friendly as possible.

ECCO have established a company culture of passion, innovation, and a quest for excellence. A forward-thinking business, they strive to maintain positive relationships with their colleagues, partners, customers, and the communities in which they operate within.

As well as the excellent Fluidform technology mentioned above, ECCO also utilises what is known as GORE-TEX technology that is a highly breathable membrane that is 100% waterproof. Think of it as an exceptionally thin layer of skin with billions of tiny pores to create a special ventilation unique to ECCO shoes. This technology is integrated into the upper of every shoe to ensure dry and fresh feet all day long.

ECCO shoes also incorporate HYDROMAX technology within the leather of the upper. The special treatment provides a high quality water and perspiration resistance without the use of an exterior membrane. This process is applied during the tanning process and allows the leather to be strong and durable while also staying soft, supple and breathable.