Can I exchange/return items on SchoolShoes.co.uk?

We provide 14 day returns and exchanges on qualifying orders. Please visit our Returns Information page for further information.

How do I delete items from my basket?

Once you are on the 'My Basket' page, find the item you want to remove, look to the far right of the screen and click the small red X button. This will remove the single item out of your basket. If you added the same item more than once and want to remove the duplicate/s you don’t need to delete the item, once you’re on the Basket page, simply press the “ - ” button until the quantity shown is 1.

How do I contact SchoolShoes.co.uk for queries and concerns about my order?

To contact us you can either send us a message using the form you will find on the Contact Us page, or you can call our customer support line on 0116 326 0886.

How do I change the price currency?

At the top right-hand side of the page you will find a button with the word “Currency” beneath it, to change the displayed currency scroll over this button then select the desired currency. You should now find the prices are changed to the currency you selected. The currencies you can choose from on SchoolShoes.co.uk are Australian Dollars (AUD), Canadian Dollars (CAD), Euros (EUR), US Dollars (USD) and Great Britain Pounds (GBP).

How do I opt out of the mailing list?

To opt out of the mailing list go onto the Update My Details page, which you will find on the My Account page. You should see a box containing your email address, beneath this is a tick box, to opt out untick this box and proceed by clicking “Update My Details”. To check that this information has been changed successfully go back onto this page, you should find this box is still ticked.

Do you collect personal information?

To optimise the user experience we do collect personal information. This information only consists of some of what you submit to our website, for example, when making purchases, creating an account and when filling a Contact Us form. For more details on this matter take a look at our Privacy Policy

How do I change my personal details or email address?

To change your personal details or email address, go to the ‘My Account’ page. Here you will find options to change or add information to your account. 

How can I leave a review?

To leave a review of an item you have purchased from SchoolShoes.co.uk, find the item you are referring to and beneath the key facts you will see Product Reviews, click the plus to the right of this then press “Write a Review”. Here you can enter a title for your review and, in the 'Your Comments' box, your opinions of or experience with the item. For this review to be posted you must enter your name and email address before pressing “Submit Review”.

What methods of payment do you accept?

SchoolShoes.co.uk accepts all major credit/debit cards, we also accept payment through PayPal.

Can I have an order sent to an address different to my billing address?

Yes, to do this you must add a second address to your account by going to the My Address Book page, this is found in the My Account page. You have the option to 'Edit' and 'Add an Address', the one you should see at the top is your billing address so if you are planning on having an order delivered to a different address simply press “Add Address” and enter the details. To change the delivery/billing addresses you will have to go to the 'My Basket' page and press 'Proceed To Payment'. Here you will see two sections, one named “Delivery Address” and another named “Billing Address”, on both you will see tabs where you can choose between your registered addresses. Simply change each type of address to what you want them to be.

What is the maximum amount of time before I can no longer return my item?

For full details on our returns policy please click here.

If a product I am interested in is out of stock can I be informed when it’s back in stock?

Yes, when you find the item you are interested in and see that it is out of stock press the “Notify Me” button. This will open a box where you can enter your email address and the characters you see displayed in the box, all you will have to do then is press “Submit”. We do not send emails to confirm this request has been successful.

How do I set a password?

When you create an account with us we will send you an email providing you with your password. Once you’ve got this you can go into the My Account page and from there the My Password page, here you can change it to whatever you prefer. Simply enter the password we provided into the “Current Password” box (capitals included), then enter your desired password into the next two boxes. Once you hit “Change My Password” your new password will be the one you need to enter to login.