Skechers was started by Robert Greenburg in 1992 when he left another shoe brand, L.A. Gear, that was under-performing. Utilising his previous experience, the clever retail businessman wanted to create young and hip footwear for young men and women, including school children. 

Just a year after the brand was created it produced its first successful shoe - establishing itself in the casual shoe market.

By 1998 Skechers had become so big it had the clout to take on industry sports giants such as Nike and Reebok. Redirecting itself into the sports domain, the brand continued to flourish. By the end of the decade, Skechers had rocketed to prominence in the footwear industry - overtaking Nike and many others. 

Even though many brands fought with Skechers for the number one spot over the coming years, the famous American brand retained their standing. Today they are one of the most popular brands for school children. Their lightweight construction and high quality leather build design ensures they are both practical and also durable. boasts an excellent range for you to choose from for your child.