Sole Savers

From scuffs and scrapes to inevitable wear and tear, the "Sole Saver Collection" offers a range of innovative solutions that go beyond ordinary shoe care. Our shoe renovator treatments breathe new life into tired soles, rejuvenating them to their former glory. Bid farewell to scrunched-up, forgotten name labels – our meticulously crafted shoe name labels are not only durable but also stylish, making sure your child's shoes are never misplaced again.
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Embrace Durability with Sole Savers

Preserve your child’s school shoes with our robust sole savers for shoes, a line designed to outlast even the most adventurous school days. From the playground to the classroom, these sole savers are your ally against scuffs and wear.

Labels for School – Never Lose a Shoe Again

Securing your child’s belongings is effortless with our tailored labels for school. These durable school clothes labels ensure that every item, from shoes to jackets, is easily identifiable and sorted. Our shoe name labels are specifically crafted to stay put, keeping school mornings hassle-free.

Shoe Name Stickers – Identify in Style

Our shoe name stickers are more than functional; they're stylish. These aren’t just any name stickers for shoes; they're designed to reflect your child’s personality while serving as practical shoe savers.

The Ultimate Shoe Care with Dasco

Dasco shoe care kit and Dasco shoe labels Tag labels are not only perfect sole savers, but they also come with shoe name labels. They are essential tools to add to your collection of school clothes labels, ensuring longevity and identification.

Why Sole Savers?

Choose our sole saver options to extend the life of every pair of shoes. Not only do they serve as shoe sole savers, but our labels for shoes are also designed to be the last shoe labels you'll ever need. Investing in sole savers for shoes means investing in peace of mind.

Common Questions
What makes the Sole Saver products different from regular shoe care items?

Our Sole Saver products are specially designed with durability and efficiency in mind. They offer innovative solutions like high-adherence name labels and protective treatments that extend the life of school shoes beyond that of standard care products.

Can the shoe labels withstand regular washing and daily wear?

Yes, our shoe name labels are manufactured to endure daily wear, including the rigours of washing. They are made with strong adhesive and resilient materials to ensure they remain intact and legible through various conditions.

Are the Sole Savers suitable for all types of school shoes?

Our sole savers for shoes are versatile and can be used on a wide variety of school shoe styles. However, for the best results, we recommend checking the compatibility with specific shoe materials, as detailed in our product descriptions

How easy is it to apply the shoe labels from the Dasco SHOE LABELS Kids 6 Pack?

It's very straightforward! The labels are designed for easy peel-and-stick application. Full instructions are provided with the pack, ensuring that you can securely label your child's shoes in just a few simple steps.