Geox was founded in 1995 by Italian entrepreneur Mario Polegato while out jogging in the blistering heat of Nevada, U.S.A. when the young inventor had the idea to cut two holes in the bottom of his trainers to help with ventilation. After the simple idea appeared to help a great deal, Mario drew up some formal designs and pitched them to a number of footwear manufacturers. Because none of the manufacturers saw the incredible potential in the idea, none of them were interested.

Undeterred, Mario decided to move all in on the idea and start producing the shoes himself. Today the brand reports sales of over €800 million per year, employs over 5000 people worldwide and sells products in over 1000 stores. It's clear the Geox brand is here to stay.

Geox's beginnings in foot comfort makes the brand ideal for school footwear. The company continues to invest in R&D to improve existing lines and constantly produce the best possible school footwear.

Many attribute the brand's success to their invention of 'the sole that breathes', which is a rubber sole combined with a special membrane that allows the passage of water vapour but not water, meaning their shoes are well-ventilated but also waterproof. Earning a reputation for comfort and style, it is easy to see why so many parents buy Geox shoes for their school children.

Available in many touch fasten designs - they are a popular choice for school kids for their easy-going style. 

The name Geox came from the word geo - meaning 'earth' in Greek - and the next 'x', which represents human innovation. The innovation is very present in Geox's shoes due to the many technologies they use to ensure they are at the forefront of the shoe industry.